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Paul J Wines

Weddings at The Paul J. House


Your special day deserves an exquisite and breathtaking backdrop to showcase your commitments to one another in front of your family and friends.

Planning an event at The Paul J House comes with a close-up backdrop of the vineyards and sweeping views of the Shenandoah countryside.The House can accomodate 11 adults and is situated on a five-acre parcel nestled in the central part of the valley.  The venue includes an expansive outdoor area facing the property‚Äôs zinfandel vineyard. There is an outdoor pool that is central to the property with the house and pool-house wrapping the pool scape. From there, a modern pergola finishes off the view towards the vineyard making this a perfect location for an event for up to 100 people. 

For a weekend wedding, the venue is available starting on Friday morning for set-up at 11:00 am, and an evening rehearsal reception and dinner for close family. There is space for an outdoor wedding beyond the pool and that area can then be converted into a beautiful outdoor evening reception.

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